WED. AUG. 17 2022  /  Paola Onorato

A comment on HR Global Survey Results for the Fratelli Cosulich Group

Dear colleagues,
the HR department has been active for a couple of years now to support managers in the selection and training process and to help develop more pleasant, inclusive and sustainable working environment.
Some of you may have already met us or, better still, worked with us, while others have not yet been introduced to us.

With the goal meaning more connected with each one you, a few months ago, we shared the first ever Global Survey.
We aimed at knowing your needs, passions, ambitions and even struggles… And we did learn a great deal from it.
We have now a better understanding of the Fratelli Cosulich Group population in general, not just numbers and statistics but names and experiences.

The focus of the Survey and central section of the questionnaire was a multiple-choice set of questions:

  • What could make you more effective at work?
  • What could enhance your employee experience?


As the graphic below shows, the most common answer to the question “What could make you more effective at work?” was “tailored training sessions to develop my skills”, chosen by 24% of the people, followed by “collaboration with other departments” with 22% and “clear work expectation” with 15%.

As far as the second question is concerned, “What could enhance your employee experience”, the most common answer was “work-life balance focus” with an overwhelming 34%, followed by “economic benefits” at 19% and “team building experiences” at 12%.

These are extremely important data points that will help us in the near future to prioritise our actions and plan tailor-made interventions and projects in all different areas suggested by your inputs.
Thanks for your contribution

Let’s keep in touch!


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Glenda Badano - Group HR Manager - Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A. -