THU. AUG. 4 2022  /  Paola Onorato

Baby 3.0 - Lorma Logistic managed the transport of famous artwork

We are excited to share with you all a new significant accomplishment in the field of fine art transportation that was made possible by our partnership with the "Asian Logistics Agencies." We were able to transport "Baby 3.0," a piece of art by Italian-American artist Lorenzo Quinn (whose most well-known work is the installation "Building Bridges," which consists of six pairs of hands at the entrance to the Arsenale in Venice).

We move this enormous sculpture, which is a representation of a baby about to be born from its mother's womb and a symbol of rebirth made of cast aluminum and stainless steel mesh.

The Venice Palazzo Corner will host an exhibition of Baby 3.0 from July 15 to October 31.


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Stefano Cibien - Managing director - Lorma Logistic -