TUE. MAY. 10 2022  /  Paola Onorato

Line 2k20 - The launch of the new in-house developed software

The historic "Line" software (first developed in 1995) has just been replaced, according to Fratelli Cosulich SPA and GeneSYS. "Line2k20" is the product of an extensive research and development, with significant operational, structural, and procedural improvements.

Specifically, it has been invested in a better user experience, capable of more responsiveness and a greater number of information readily available. Davide Gardella, software developer of GeneSYS, who has been developing and maintaining two generations of this incredibly important software, declares: “Everything is based on a modern database with high security guarantees (data availability, integrity and privacy). To assist operators, as many processes as possible have been automated to help with the massive amount of documentation that needs to be managed by the various parties involved (to customers, shipowners, hubs, terminals, transporters, etc.). In addition, a communications development center has been implemented that can operate autonomously from the core activities for a whole new set of reporting, messaging, and other functions.”

The creation of beta test teams, which worked closely with a more operational core among end users, enabled this complex and important work to be completed. Software replacement and update has been performed simultaneously in all Cosulich offices in Genoa,Ravenna, Venice, Trieste thanks to special efforts and cooperation provided by both IT and operation staff.

A concrete example of collaboration and exploitation of synergies within the Group that will make business operations easier and goals closer.


News provided by:
Giulia Troilo - Liner shipping agency division manager - Fratelli Cosulich -
Davide Gardella - Software Developer - GeneSYS Informatica -