TUE. APR. 19 2022  /  Paola Onorato

Keep attention to the emails and suspect phone calls!

Our company has been the victim of several scams in the last month. The most recent came from a colleague who claimed to have received messages from a person posing as a member of our Board of Directors. He requested that the colleague go to a store to purchase Google Play cards. This request was made by someone who was not a member of the Board, and it was a ruse. If you receive a call or an email, please contact GeneSYS's IT Department ( This is a cyber-security issue! Cyber security is required to protect a company's information system from damage and failure caused by external attacks or more or less unintentional incidents. Cyber security also allows the company to react quickly and effectively in the event of a disaster. Please take another step to protect the company, but first and foremost, your persona.


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