THU. FEB. 10 2022  /  Paola Onorato

Green warehousing: efficiency and technology

Morgan 4Ship S.r.l. is following and improving the Green Project. Our warehouse is finishing the revamping of the BT-20° refrigeration systems. The cold storage has been connected to a remote management system that will remotely guarantee the control and the possibility to report any anomalies in the technical/operational parameters. Furthermore, we confirmed at the end of January the start of the project for the 142.50 KWp Photovoltaic System and the Relamping System. Their interconnection will allow us to remotely manage the efficiency of all equipment and to control the production and self-consumption of energy to avoid waste and proceed with environmental sustainability with the non-emission of CO2 51,870 kg / year into the atmosphere that is the equal of 1,729 trees planted for 2022. Morgan 4Ship Management believes that the value of our company cannot be expressed only in economic terms, but we believe that it is fundamental to take care and help the Environmental Sustainability.


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