MON. MAY. 3 2021  /  Matteo Avenoso


The Young Group of Assagenti organized, for the University of Genoa, a training meeting with the Ship Agency and Management course students, followed by Gian Enzo Duci, professor of the Master's Degree Course in Maritime and Port Management and Economics.

The initiative aimed to share the work experience of the different shipping professions, in particular the line and tramp agent and the shipbroker from a practical and operational (and less academic) point of view, stimulating and encouraging the students to have a future crucial role as protagonists in the shipping sector.

Our colleague Pietro Abbona of the Agency / Operations department had the task of present the operational part of Tramp Agency.

How tramp ship port call is organized and takes place, starting from issuing the Proforma Disbursement Account (PDA), sending port information to the shipowner, receiving the agency appointment and communicating with the ship before arrival at the port, supervising the discharging cargo operations at the terminal, coordinate and follow the several problems that may arise (claim for damaged cargo) and the preparation of the ship's departure from the port.

You can have a look at the slides presented at the following