MON. MAR. 22 2021  /  Matteo Avenoso

Introduction to the intranet

Our Group is growing year by year at 360°. 
From M&A activities to business development, we are all focused on becoming a better version of ourselves.

Thanks to the support of Genesys Informatica, the IT company of the Group, we have started a strong process of digitalization that is positively impacting our performances. 

Today, we are happy to announce the release of our corporate intranet, a step forward in achieving synergies among all Group' employees. 

The intranet, a tailor-made platform to create connections, will support you in improving the efficiency of your daily bureaucracy, enhancing the engagement among companies, providing a place for e-learning.

The corporate intranet has been shaped on employees' needs and it is still evolving based on all suggestions received. So, do not hesitate to provide your ideas for future implementations.


For any further assistance, please write to

Take a look at all tutorials for the intranet at: this link