MON. JUL. 20 2020  /  Augusto Cosulich

A message from the Board of Directors

Dear colleagues,
we would like to share with you some important news regarding the Board of Directors of Fratelli Cosulich.

After over 4 decades serving the company, Andrea Cosulich has now resigned from its position as Chairman.

He will still help and support the development of all the future LNG business within the Group, covering the role of Honorary President.

We are glad to announce that Augusto Cosulich is now the new Chairman and he will be assisted by Matteo Cosulich as Vice-Chairman.

For your information, each Board Member is responsible for the activities as below:

•    Andrea Cosulich, Honorary President:
    o    LNG Activities
•    Augusto Cosulich, Chairman:
    o    Group Business development on commercial and strategical activities
    o    Agency activities
    o    Logistic and Freight Forwarding activities
    o    Siderurgical activities
    o    Communication and Events activities
    Matteo Cosulich, Vice-Chairman:
    o    IT activities
    o    Manning activities
    o    Real Estate activities
    o    Travel activities
    o    Insurance activities
•    Tomaso Moreno, CEO Yacht Agency:
    o    Yachting activities
    o    Marine Fuel for Yachting
•    Marta Cosulich, CEO Industrial and Logistics:
    o    Trading & Industrial Activities
    o    Logistic and Freight Forwarding activities
    o    Siderurgical activities
    o    Catering and Warehousing activities
    o    Business Intelligence Department
•    Timothy Cosulich, CEO Marine Fuel:
    o    Marine Fuel
    o    Marine Fuel for Yachting
    o    LNG Activities
    o    Human Resources Department
    Stefano Abate, CFO:
    o    Corporate Finance
    o    Accounting and Reporting
    o    Admin & General services

Over tha past 163 years, we have been through several periods of changes. We collectively have always faced all challenges with a positive attitude that lead us to what we are today: a Group with 14 business units and a global presence.

This change is just another step forward to what we will be tomorrow.


Board of Directors