FRI. OCT. 14 2022  /  Matteo Avenoso

Path to recovery: Future of the global supply chain

On 27 September, in Belgrade, Dragon Maritime SEE company participated in the conference “A PATH TO RECOVERY: THE FUTURE OF THE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN” organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Confindustria and Slovenian Business Club.

A conference was a great opportunity for experts and industry leaders to discuss in an open dialogue the overarching impact of the pandemic and the latest geopolitical developments on worldwide logistics. Participants tackled various topics, including disrupted shipping lanes, labour and material shortages, fluctuating demand, and inflation.

As a keynote speaker, Erich Cossutta, President of Dragon Maritime group of companies spoke about the challenges supply chain industry faces and necessity for inclusion in the global digital supply chain, need for simplification of customs procedures through Customs networking, benefits of including all the countries of the region in the Open Balkan initiative, etc.

The occasion strengthened the Express Global Group team and made people more aware of the size and scope of the organization they support. A special thank you to the many coworkers who committed an entire weekend to this business initiative.

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Vladimir Lekić - General Manager - Dragon Maritime SEE -